About us

This business started as a hobby in 1994 with just a few dogs. Over time we purchased different breeds and the quantity grew. Our goal is to have a variety of good quality dogs, also to be able to socialize not only our puppies but grown dogs as well.

So many kennels buy dogs and put them in cages and pens with little or no contact. This causes mental and physical stress. If you interact with the dogs you learn their temperament and personality, therefore knowing which dogs are best for breeding. When buying a puppy, you want one that’s socialized and ready to adapt to its new surroundings. It will be worthwhile to view our site if you’re looking for that special furry friend.

The boarding concept started a few years ago. The facility was there and we wanted a good clean place where people could leave their pets without feeling guilty, and so it began. The inside runs are heated and cooled with doggy doors that give them access to an individual outside run.

There will be more details on our website about the boarding at a later date. We’re adding a new addition and once the construction is finished an update on times and prices will be posted.

This business has been such a wonderful experience. Even with all the work and sometimes sorrow the love and joy makes it worthwhile.

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